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Data Shredding

Minters Shredding Controlled Destruction Process

Minters Shredding Services you can be assured that we offer a secure and environmentally friendly service for all our customers. A typical step by step guide of how we can do this for your organisation can be found below.

Identity Theft & Corporate Fraud

Identity theft and corporate fraud are on the rise, threatening not only businesses but consumers and local communities as well. The ICO can issue fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations if confidential data is not destroyed correctly.

Are you required to shred material that contains sensitive information in order to comply with ICO Regulations? Minters Secure shredding facility can guarantee that data destruction is carried effectively without any holes in security.

1. Assess Requirement

Trained staff will work with you to assess the most secure, effective and cost efficient way to collect your confidential waste.

2. Secure Collection

An audit trail for all items from collection to destruction by Minters Shredding Services’s own DBS checked, referenced and uniformed staff in Minters Shredding Services’s .

3. Confidential Shredding

Once items are delivered to Minters Shredding Services’s site they are securely moved into the shredding bay, quality checked and loaded onto the shredding area. The paper is then fed onto a conveyor which leads up to the Industrial Shredder, where the paper is cross cut to the relevant standard, mixed and then baled.

4. Certification

Once items are shredded and baled, Minters Shredding Services will issue Destruction Certificates to clients with as an itemised Destruction Workorder by email and/or post. These are issued to include weight depending on specification.

5. Recycling

Once the confidential waste is are baled we work with a leading paper mill to help recycle the paper which then in turn is manufactured into products such as tissue paper.

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