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Disposals Donation Auction

Our aim is to be a "One Stop Shop" for all your requirements and so we offer a service to dispose of unwanted items that you may not need any more ahead of your relocation as part of preparation or as outlet at the time of your relocation if you find items do not fit as expected or a late decision but either way you don't have to be stuck!

If goods have a material residual value then we can liaise with our local auction house and place them for re-sale with proceeds directly to you or should that not prove an option then we will place your effects for local donation with the last stop if that is not successful being trade waste disposals (charges apply) but this is a last resort.

Contact us today if you have any queries or concerns of simply need advice. Reserves can be placed onto goods entered into auction and we can advise the auctioneers to contact you to discuss directly.

Contact us today for a free quotation.