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How Much Does A House Removal Cost?

Pricing is important, we get it, and you want to understand how much your removal service will cost?

The honest answer is it depends. However, let us explain how we price things then this will give you a much better understanding of how much your removal could cost.

Image of removals in progress by Minters of Deal

How Do We Price A Job?

Before we get into how we price our jobs we would like to first explain that not all removal companies operate the same and offer the same service and that's why you will get different prices from different companies.

Some will go by how many rooms in the house, some will charge extra for large items such as sofas and some will have a fixed price and will turn up with a man and a van. It all depends on what kind of removal service you want.

What do we mean by that last line? Minters are a professional removal company which means a few things. First, we are not the cheapest and nor do we intend to be so if you are looking for the cheapest quote to move your valuable goods and items then we are not for you.

There are lots of "man and a van" services around Kent and you should not have any trouble locating one. We do things the right way and have ensured through years of experience that we provide a first-class removal service at a fair price.

Image of removals in progress by Minters of Deal

Fully Insured Removal Service

We are also a fully insured removal service and our staff are fully trained. We do not use casual or temporary staff there is very little our team have not faced when moving difficult items from tight spots.

You will have complete peace of mind that our expert removal staff will have the right van, the right equipment and experience to ensure that your removal is as painless as possible.

SO how do we price our jobs? It is quite simple we calculate the cost by cubic feet. So, we calculate how many cubic feet where you have possessions that need moving so a small chest of draws might be 1 cubic foot and a 3 seat sofa might be 4 or 5 depending on the size.

We then determine based on the number of cubic feet in total how many people will be required to safely and quickly get your valuable possessions out of your old house and into your new one.

There are some other things we have to consider such as the Van size, fuel, tolls, insurance and so on but we are always transparent about our fees.

Right People, Right Equipment

What you can be sure of is the right people, the right equipment and smooth and fast removal service with experienced staff and no hidden surprises.

We believe that our pricing is honest and fair and reflective of the job done right. Sure, you can probably find your removal service a little cheaper if you ring around and find some willing people with a van but will you have the complete peace of mind of a professional removal company who have been operating in South East Kent since 1920. You do not stay in business that long unless you are doing something right.

Our Mission Statement

To exceed our customers expectations of quality, Service and Cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction, delivered on time all the time.

Our Values

  • Customer Care
  • Getting Better Everyday
  • Treat every £ as your own
  • Respect for each and everyone