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Why Minters of Deal are Still Open

These are unprecedented times and every single one of us is doing our best during a period of massive uncertainty. We have been asked by a few people why we are still open during the lockdown?

The bottom line is there is still a need for some people to move and store their valuable items and also arrange for vital stocks and supplies to be delivered.

The lockdown has meant different things to different people, some are required to stay at home and others are working harder than ever.

Image of removals in progress by Minters of Deal

We have taken every single decision that we have made with the wellbeing of our customers and our staff at the very heart of every decision we make.

We have also taken significant advice from the government, legal professionals, and the British Association of Removers.

What are we doing?

First and foremost, most of our staff are at home with their families staying safe. The directors are taking any calls and any emails and, in most cases, making plans for any moves to take place once the lockdown is lifted and it is safe to do so. We are also completing any quotes and estimates for removals in the future via video technology so you can still get a price and adhere to the social distancing rules. We are also continuing to deliver vital stocks and supplies to businesses.

Are we doing any removals at all?

Under strict guidance and advice, we will only complete any moves if they are absolutely necessary.

These are very rare and only completed with minimum staff and with every precaution to ensure social distancing is adhered to within the guidance we have been given.

Image of removals in progress by Minters of Deal

Are we allowed to do this?

Yes, if the move is not able to be changed to a later date and there is literally no choice then under the guidance issues by Public Health England the move can go ahead. We are happy to offer advice and guidance if you are unsure what is allowed. In every case we do urge everyone if you can delay your move to when it is safer to do so then please do this.

Are people still moving properties?

Very few people have had to move during the lockdown and in nearly all cases we have advised people to change their plans as they have the ability to so. That said there are 1 or two that simply have no choice and must move on the specific dates.

Image of removals in progress by Minters of Deal

What should you do if you are not sure?

Give us a call and we will advise you in the best way possible and only move you if strictly necessary, we will be able to make plans for your move. We can complete estimates and quote virtually without having to attend your property and this has proved very successful

Why are other removal businesses shut?

We cannot speak for them personally, but we completely respect their decision to not operate during this time. There are very few people that need to move during these times, and this will of course be a contributing factor. We look forward to seeing their vans on the roads again sooner rather than later and hope they are all safe and well.